Steak Night!


We had some sun later in the afternoon but it’s gone very cold, apparently it’ll be down to 11C in the morning and it feels quite damp, like early spring.  There are some sun marks for next week’s forecast, I hope we’ll have some nice sunny days.

今日の夕食は、夫が大好きなステーキ。昨日、Petworth のお肉屋さんでリブアイを買いました。2センチくらいの厚さにスライスされていたので1枚を半分では足りそうになく、2枚買うことに。大きな方を半分にしてわたし、小さな方を夫用にしましたが、夫も少しだけ残していました。残りは明日のランチになる予定です。付け合わせは、これも夫が大好きなポテトグラタン(ドルフィノア)、人参、スナップエンドウ。

Today’s dinner was one of my husband’s favourites – steak.  We bought 2 slices of Ribeye at the butcher in Petworth.  As they were already sliced in 2 cm it didn’t look enough to share 1 slice between us so we bought 2.  I had a half of the larger slice and my husband had a whole smaller slice but he left a little – both left-over will be used for tomorrow’s lunch.  Side dishes were Potato Dauphinoise (my husband loves this), carrot and sugar snap peas.


I used napkin rings for the table, the first napkin rings we bought together after getting married.  32 years ago when we married, not many things you need to set tables were readily available in Japan.  My husband wanted to get some napkin rings and we looked everywhere in Kobe but we didn’t see many and those we did see (I think we found only 1 kind of set) were so expensive.  I think we bought these Pewter ones in Malaysia.







Then I added some flowers and a candle stand.



This is my dish with half of the larger slice of steak.  I’m not a big meat eater so this was plenty, I would have been happy to have even a smaller one specially because the potato dish is quite creamy.  It may not look large but the plate is 30cm diameter so it was quite a big meal.



This is my husband’s dish with a whole of a smaller slice of the steak.  He could have finished it all but he left, I guess, about 1/6 as he was full enough.



Cheese for dessert – 3 cheeses.  The one on the front left is Brighton Blue, which was quite young but quite tasty.  The left of that is some kind of goat cheese, I had only a small piece as it’s not my favourite.  The other one is some local Camembert, which was very nice.




We often used to have this type of a meal on Saturdays, so it feels a bit like a Saturday today.



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