Turmeric Cauliflower and Chorizo Couscous Salad (with Chickpeas and Zhoug)


I have this pain on my scalp again,  apparently it’s called “Occipital neuralgia” in English.  It’s a vary sharp pain on my scalp near my right ear (it tends to happen on my right side in my case) like stinging with a needle, quite nasty and strong.  I had it in London last time in March and it troubled me a lot because we had to travel on a coach for a few hours and it gave me quite bad nausea.  It sometimes last for a week or so, I hope it’ll go quickly this time.

さて、今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の「Turmeric Cauliflower and Chorizo Couscous Salad (with Chickpeas and Zhoug)」(ターメリック風味のカリフラワーチョリソのクスクスサラダ)でした。先日書いたようにカリフラワーが入っていませんでしたが、入手しました。

Today’s dinner was “Turmeric Cauliflower and Chorizo Couscous Salad (with Chickpeas and Zhoug)” from Hello Fresh.  They forgot to put the cauliflower in the box this week as I wrote before but we bought one so we could cook this.  

カリフラワーは塩胡椒、オリーブオイル、ターメリックをからめてオーブンで焼き、ひよこ豆も同様に別のトレイでオーブンで焼きます。クスクスはレシピより熱湯の量を減らして同量の熱湯とチキンストックパウダーをかけてさっと混ぜて10分ほどむらしてからフォークで混ぜ、Zhoug というソース(イエメン発祥のソースだそうですが、シャンツァイやチリやスパイスが混ぜてあるピリ辛のソース)を混ぜ、レモンの皮、ミントを加えて混ぜます。別にフライパンでチョリソーを炒め、クランベリーを加えて温まったらボールに移し、レモン汁とオリーブオイルを加えておきます。

You put salt, pepper, olive oil & turmeric on the cauliflower pieces and roast them in the oven.  At the same time you also roast the chickpeas in the same way on another tray.  You pour boiling water (as always the recipe says more but I use the same amount as the couscous) and chicken stock powder over the couscous, mix it, then cover it to let it steam for about 10 minutes, then fluff it up, mix in the Zhoug, lemon zest & mint, and mix it all together well.  You also sauté chorizo, then add dried cranberries and when cranberries are warm pour it all into a bowl, add lemon juice and olive oil and mix it together.


Put couscous on each plate, spoon on the roasted cauliflower and chickpeas, drizzle the chorizo &cranberry dressing and scatter toasted almonds and some mint and serve with a lemon wedge.

わたしも夫もこの Zhoug というソースが好きなので、美味しくいただきました。ただ、量が多くて半分で十分だったので(カリフラワーは完食)、残りは明日のディナーにチキンと一緒にいただくことにしました。

My husband and I like this sauce “Zhoug” so we enjoyed this very much.  However, the portion is very large and we had about a half (though we did finish all the cauliflower) so we’ll have the left-over with some chicken tomorrow.







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