Cheese On Toast (Left-Over Cheese Fondue)


It’s been raining all day today.  We tend to think that the UK has lots of rain but then we often become short of water in summer – because it actually doesn’t rain a large amount.  I feel specially this year it hasn’t rained much since March, so we feel a little relieved to have some rain now, it saves us watering the garden as well.

昨日のフォンデューが少しだけ残っていたので、今日のランチはチーズ ・オン・トースト。フォンデュー鍋の底に溜まって少し焦げたところもぺりっと剥がしてのせました。あとは玉ねぎだけ。英国ではチーズ・オン・トーストはよく食べられますが、普通は多分わたしが苦手なチェダーを使って、チーズだけ、かチーズとブランストンピクルスだと思います。日本だといろいろ載せてピザトーストにすることの方が多いですよね。わたしもピザトーストの方が好きですが、今日のはフォンデューのチーズなのでシンプルにしました。

There was a little cheese left from last night’s Cheese Fondue so we used it for cheese on toast for lunch today including the slightly burned hardened bit from the bottom of the fondue pot.  Other than that we used a little onion and my husband had Branston Pickles but that was it.  Cheese on toast is I think quite commonly eaten in the UK, usually with just cheese (normally Cheddar) and sometimes with some pickles.  In Japan I think most people prefer putting other things on and make it as “Pizza Toast”.  I personally prefer pizza toast to cheese on toast, too, but the cheese today has a strong flavour so kept it simple.






I miss my Japanese Balmuda Oven Toaster, specially when we make any pizza toast or cheese on toast kind of thing.  There isn’t such a thing as “oven toaster” here because most kitchens have proper large ovens (we have 2 small ones instead of 1 large plus a microwave/oven), I understand, whereas not many kitchens in Japan have proper large ovens – they have a small microwave oven and an oven toaster in most cases.  However, Japanese oven toasters can toast on both sides of the bread at the same time and it’s much more convenient to use for certain things like cheese on toast.  We were using a Balmuda (from Japan) with a power transformer in Singapore but gave it away before we moved, I’m trying not to put too many equipments on the kitchen island top… but I miss it a lot.

A lot of Japanese electric equipments are so advanced and have such a lot of convenient functions, I find the electric appliances here are still very simple.  Since we left Japan about 20 years ago everything has been advanced.  Here, not so.  For example, most ovens in Japan these days have a lot of automatic cooking functions and also steaming function, I don’t think many of them do here.   A cooker would control the temperature of oil, for example, when you deep fry.  Everything is so clever.   I wish there were more choices here.



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