Pasta With Pesto, Tomato & Mozzarella


I saw a pasta dish with pesto that my friend posted on Instagram yesterday and thought “we haven’t had that for a long long time, we should make it”.  However, my husband doesn’t like very simple pasta so I was planning to add some peaches and Parma Ham and make a cold pasta dish, but sadly the peaches were quite crunchy and had no flavour so I had to change my plan.  My husband was out today and had tea at his brother and his wife’s and they gave us some tomatoes that they grew in their garden, so I added them to the pasta as well as some Buffalo mozzarella.


I just chucked basil, garlic, pine nuts, almond, Parmesan cheese and salt and tried to mash all together to make the pesto.  Unfortunately, I realised then that we don’t have the right type of equipment for that now, so it ended up being not very smooth, with some bits of almond, but we called it rustic style and enjoyed it anyway, it tasted good.  (I thought it was about 60 points out of 100 but my husband says 100 out of 100.  He really loved it.)







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