Kitchen Sink Pasta Bake

Hello Fresh の食事はもう1食残っているのですがタイ料理で、3日間ご飯が続いて夫がかわいそうなので(わたしは続いても平気ですが)今日はパスタを挟むことにしました。

Although we have another Hello Fresh meal left for this week, we decided to have a pasta dish as we’ve already had rice 3 days in a row and the remaining meal is a Thai dish served with rice.

Hello Fresh の食材に間違って入っていたハルミチーズ、やはり Hello Fresh の食材に入っていたけれど多すぎたので使わなかった茄子、夫が義弟夫婦からもらってきたおばけズッキーニを早めに使わなければ、ということで、ラタトゥユっぽいものとパスタを和えて、上にハルミチーズをのせてグリルで焼きました。ソースに入っているのはニンニク、玉ねぎ、茄子、ズッキーニ、パプリカ、ミニトマト、缶詰のトマト。

We needed to use up the Halloumi cheese (that came from Hello Fresh by mistake), an aubergine (that also came from Hello Fresh, there were 2 large aubergines for one dish and we only needed 1) and a huge courgette that my brother-in-law and his wife gave us.  We made something like Ratatouille, mixed it with cooked pasta, put it in a baking dish, topped with slices of Halloumi cheese and grilled it until the cheese was browned.









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