Milk Bread – Bread Machine


It’s very hot again.  It wasn’t forecasted to get as hot as yesterday but it is 32C (in the shade) here and 29C indoors.  Just like yesterday, there is hardly any breeze so it’s hot even in the shade.  My husband’s loft is very hot so he tried to sit in the garden but that’s too hot also and he’s in the living room now.  It’ll go down to 27C around the time when we finish dinner, so a few more hours of this….phew!

今回は、ハード系を諦めて「ミルクブレッド」のレシピで焼いてみました。ただ、白い強力粉が200gしかなかったので、Cobber Bread 用と書かれている大麦などが入ったものを200g足しました。タンパク質は15%なのでこちらの普通の強力粉と同じです。

For our bread machine testing, this time I tried the “Milk Bread” recipe but we had only 200g of white strong flour so I substituted 200 with “cobber bread” flour, which has things like Barley.  The protein content is 15% so the same as usual white strong flour.


I’m not completely sure but I think “milk bread” is the usual bread you see all over in Asia and Japan that we use for toasting and sandwiches.  Ours isn’t white but I think it usually is.  The ingredients are strong flour, salt, sugar, butter and milk, no water.  Japanese bread machines often uses skimmed milk powder and water, so I’m guessing this is a similar recipe.  The photo is showing the bread after we used some for sandwiches and placed the top of the bread on the left, the narrow rectangular hole on the right in the middle is made by the kneader of the machine.


This one was the best of what I have baked so far using this new machine, I think.  The crust wasn’t bad.  The crumb texture isn’t what I like but at least it’s baked all the way, not fluffy like Japanese bread often is but softer than the basic bread.  I’m wondering if I mix some cake flour we’ll get the texture we like but I’m very hesitant to try as I don’t want to have the bread like the first bread I baked with this machine.



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