Hot Sandwich


Although it’s hot again, it’s 29C and isn’t expected to go any higher today.  It’ll be quite a lot cooler in the evening.  Our bedroom is so cool with the air conditioning that I forget how hot it is outside – the warm air hits me as soon as I go out of the bedroom.  It was very tempting to go back to the bedroom and spend the whole day there yesterday and the day before.  As long as it’s below 30C, I can put up with it, the few degrees seem to make a big difference above 30C.

前回はクイジナートのワッフル&ホットサンドメーカーでホットサンドを作ったのですが、サイズが大きすぎてパンの大きさが足りなかったので、今日は別のホットサンドメーカーで作りました。しばらく前に買った日本のアマゾンで買って荷物に入れてもらった「杉山金属IH対応ホットサンドメーカー サンドdeグルメ」。これはクイジナートのものともその前に使っていたものとも違うスタイルで、あまりパンを圧縮しないタイプ。なので、中身が出て来ないのは良いところですが、わたしはカリカリが好きなので圧縮タイプの方が好みかな。パンの耳も圧縮されないのでカリカリにならないんですよね。トースト2枚で挟んだ感じ。でも、これはこれで美味しかったです。1度に1つしか作れないので1つ作って夫と半分ずつ食べて、その間にもう1枚を焼きました。ガスの場合はそのままで良いと思うのですが、IHの場合温まるまで時間がかかるので何も入れない状態で最初に温めてからサンドイッチを入れた方が良さそうです。

The last time when we made hot sandwich, we used Cuisinart’s “Waffle & Hot Sandwich” maker, but our bread from the new bread machine isn’t quite big enough so we used a different hot sandwich maker.  This one is made in Japan and I had it sent to me with other stuff from Japan. It’s a simple manual one and it works on IH as well as gas.  Comparing to the one we used in the past (we used to have another style of hot sandwich maker, which was electric and smaller than Cuisinart) this one doesn’t compress the sandwich so much, so it’s more like sealed toasted sandwich with hot filling.  I have to say I prefer the other style because it makes the bread nice and crispy.  Still, this one is also good in its own way, the filling doesn’t come out and it’s easier to eat.  It makes only one sandwich at a time so we made one, cut it in half and ate half each while we were cooking the second one.  We discovered that it’s better to heat it up before putting a sandwich in as it takes a long time to heat up on IH.




The filling was our basic one, tomato paste, tomatoes, onion, Parma ham & cheese.  I remember when I was in Exeter to study English a lifetime ago, my English host mother used to make a hot sandwich for me now and again.  I used to dislike cheddar cheese even when it was melted (I still don’t like it very much but I can eat it if melted) so she used an egg instead with, I think, ham.  The egg was still gooey and I used to enjoy it very much.  We should try an egg sandwich next time.



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