Toad In The Hole


Temperature went down to 25C highest, thank God!  However, it is very damp and it rained some.  It’s not hot (well, it is to British people, they keep saying it’s hot and humid), it’s like the rainy season in Japan before summer.  It looks like it’s going to be good weather for the next one week or so.

今日の夕食は、「Toad In The Hole」(ソーセージとヨークシャプディング)でした。(Toad In The Hole については、以前少し詳しく買いています。)今日は、残念ながらあまり膨らまずでした。作り方は同じにしているので、原因は粉。オールパーパスフラワーがなくなってしまったので、日本のケーキ用の粉を使ったのです。昔日本で住んでいた時に日本の薄力粉で作っていたのですが上手く出来ていたので。でも、今回は特に軽い粉だったので多分グルテンが足りなかったのでしょう。それでも、結構美味しかったです。付け合わせは人参の塩茹でとキャベツのニンニクと唐辛子風味の炒め蒸し。

Today’s dinner was Toad In The Hole.  Sadly it didn’t puff up as much as the previous few times.  We cooked it in the same way so the cause must be the flour – we ran out of all purpose flour so used Japanese cake flour.  We used to use Japanese flour for this in Japan but the one we used today was an especially light one meant for sponge cakes, so I guess it didn’t have enough gluten.  Now we know.  I wonder if Italian 00 flour would have worked better as it’s very similar to all purpose flour.  For side dishes we had carrots and steam/stir-fried cabbage with garlic and chilli.  Despite not being so puffed up we enjoyed it anyway.



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