Left-Over’s Left-Over


Like I wrote yesterday, when we decided to put 2 left-over together and made Chilli Con Carne for dinner yesterday, we thought it may not be enough and defrosted a pack of Chilli Con Carne that we froze sometime ago, but it was more than enough and we had the whole pack of the defrosted one left – so we had to have it today.  We still enjoyed, though.







We even had some for lunch today because we couldn’t eat the Chilli Con Carne we made up from the 2 left-over together.  We put it on toast, topped it with cheese and onion and grilled it.   We had it with the left-over potato salad.  We enjoyed this, too.






My husband often says ” I can have Chilli Con Carne every day! ”  His dream came true!



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