Left-Over Lunch


The temperature hasn’t changed much in the last few days, 20C during the day, but it’s nice and sunny today and feels nicer.  My husband is enjoying sitting in the garden reading, he hasn’t done that for quite a while.  Unfortunately, there has been a major construction going on almost right behind us.  Apparently a large scale housing complex is being built in this little village.  I guess there will be some benefits like new shopping places and maybe a doctor or/and a dentist etc, but I also guess there will be more traffic.



Three of the blue hydrangeas had gone but two are still looking great.


When we have friends for a meal, I always cook much too much, I feel better when there is too much food than too little for our guests.  Middle-Eastern food keeps and doesn’t seem to deteriorate in taste for a few days, so no problem that we had quite a lot of left-over yesterday – we enjoyed it for lunch today.  I thought I didn’t season it quite enough yesterday so added tiny bit of salt and it tasted better, I find this sort of food tastes better next day anyway.



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