Salad & Garlic Bread

Marks & Spencers の食品をオンラインで買えるようになったのが物珍しく嬉しくて、普段あまりオーダーしないものもしてみました。いつもは作るガーリックブレッド、作ってあるものを買ってみたので、今日のランチにサラダと一緒にいただきました。


Since we can now get Marks & Spencers’ food online, we ordered quite a few things that we don’t usually order and one of them is ready made garlic bread.  We usually make this ourselves but I thought we’d try it.  So, we had it for lunch today with a large salad.

The salad has figs, tomatoes, onion, rocket, mixed leaves, romaine lettuce and Parma ham and I dressed it with white Balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper.  The figs are much larger ones than those we’ve been getting from Sainsbury’s.  I haven’t checked where they are from but I guess they have travelled quite a long distance so not very juicy (they would have been unripe when travelling) but they had enough flavour and sweetness to them.









Garlic bread was OK.  The bread is very dry, but it tasted good.  The salad was very good.  I guess we won’t be feeling like having a salad as a main like this for long as I expect it’ll get very cold before too long.  During last winter, we didn’t really feel like having salads much.


The coronavirus has been so strong all over the world.  Some countries in Europe are having the 2nd wave quite badly and it looks bad here in the UK again now.  It’s been six months since the lockdown began and I feel most people are getting tired of not being able to see people and travelling etc even though things have been loosened relative to how it was back in March.  We have also started to feel a little restless as we had been looking forward to enjoying living here so much but haven’t been able to do that fully.  It would be very depressing if we have to have another complete lockdown.  Quite worrying.



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