Cold Pasta With Peaches & Parma Ham

甘く熟れた平たい桃がたくさんあったので、今日のランチにピーチと生ハムの冷製パスタを作りました。Marks & Spencers の平たい桃、結構大きくて、数日追熟させると甘くなってとてもおいしい。来週のデリバリーのオーダーでまたオーダーしようと思ったら、品切れになっています。そろそろ、桃も終わりなのかな。


We had quite a few flat peaches that were sweet and ripe, so we used them for a lunch of cold pasta with Parma ham.  The flat peaches from Marks & Spencers are quite large, they ripen up nicely and become very sweet and delicious in a few days after delivery.  I was going to order more for the next week’s delivery but they are out of stock – I guess the season is ending.







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