Today’s Ploughman’s


Today’s lunch was Ploughman’s again.  There are a few of sausage rolls and pork pies in one pack, so we need to have this type of a meal a few times a week when we buy them so as to use them up before their use-by dates.  I love this sort of picky meals so I’m happy to have this a few times a week, but processed meat like ham, salami and sausages are not so good for you so we do need to be careful, I think we’ve been eating them more often since we moved to England.  Having said that, I think German people eat processed meats like sausages and ham almost every day; I don’t know how much is too much.


Today’s Ploughman’s – pork pie, sausage roll, cotton candy grapes, tomatoes, figs, chorizo, Nduja, French salami, 3 cheeses, olives, rocket leaves & Branston Pickles.  No wine, just water today.







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