Beef & Pork Stew


It felt warmer today so I checked what the temperature was and it was 19C highest.  It was sunny all day and a very nice day.


We wanted to make some room in the freezer so we used 2 packs of what we had frozen some time ago, one beef stew and one Spanish pork as we didn’t have anything that had 2 portions of the same thing.  We decided to mix them together rather than having 2 different meals, the olives that are used in Spanish pork has quite distinctive and strong flavour so the whole thing became “Spanish” flavour but it was good.  The side vegetables were boiled carrots and cabbage steam/stir-fried with garlic.

ちなみにキャベツですが、以前も書いたように日本のキャベツに近い見かけのホワイトキャベツというのは似ても焼いても硬くて美味しくないので、Sweetheart Cabbage という先がとんがった形のキャベツを使っています。一度ファームショップで買ったときは育ちすぎていたらしく硬くて美味しくなかったのですが、スーパーで買うものは日本の春キャベツに近いスカスカの巻きのキャベツで、生のままで食べられますし、蒸し炒めにすると甘くてとても美味しいです。

I’ve written this before, but the white cabbage here, which looks the most like what we are used to having in Japan, is very tough, no matter what you do to it, so I now buy “Sweetheart Cabbage”.  It is the closest I have found to Japanese cabbage, quite tender although when we bought one in a Farm shop it must’ve been overgrown and was very tough.  I now buy from a supermarket and it’s been good.  It’s tender enough to eat raw but becomes very sweet when you cook it in oil and a little water with a lid on then cook the water off and make it a little scorched.





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