Thai Dinner At Home (Mince Pork Salad & Beef Salad)


We cooked Thai food for dinner today as I’ve been craving for Laab.  We had some mince pork and Rib Eye steak (we froze about 1/4 of from each of 2 steaks sometime ago) in the freezer so we decided to make Thai Beef Salad as well.  I had an appointment at a hair salon for colouring so my husband took me there then went to a supermarket to pick up what we needed but didn’t have at home.


In Pork Laab, there are shallots, spring onion, coriander leaves kaffia lime leaves, lime juice, Thai fish sauce, sugar, dried chilli flakes.  (We decided to omit the ground roasted rice, so strictly speaking this isn’t Laab.)  I really love Kaffia Lime leaves so I use more than the recipe I had learnt at a cooking class.  I just realised I forgot to use mint leaves, which are quite important in this dish, but we still enjoyed it.  In the Thai Beef Salad I used celery, cucumber, tomato, coriander leaves, onion, Rib Eye steak, lime juice, Thai fish sauce, sugar and dried chilli flakes.


We really enjoyed it all.  I don’t crave for Thai food as much as I did when we lived in Hong Kong and Singapore, probably due to the cooler weather but I still do really want it sometimes.









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