Pasta e fagioli (Pasta & Beans)

ランチがボリュームたっぷりだったので(我が家のプラウマンズは並べるものの種類も多くパンも結構食べますので、かなり食べ応えがあります)、夕食は軽めにスープ。イタリアの Pasta e Fagioli と言ってお野菜と豆とパスタのスープ。スープと言っても具沢山。このブログにも何度も登場していますが、イギリスに来て作るのは初めてだと思います。

As the lunch was quite filling (our Ploughman’s has a lot of different things and we have some bread as well, so it’s quite filling), we had just soup for evening meal.  Pasta e Fagioli – an Italian Pasta & Beans soup.  I’ve made this quite a few times but I think this is the first time to do it in England.

Antonio Carluccio さんの本のレシピですが、ネットで検索して出て来るレシピは本のものと少し違う気がします。お料理本はまだ箱に入ってストレージに入れたままですし、家にあるもので作ったので我が家流になりました。

The original recipe is from a cookery book of Antonio Carluccio, but the recipes I find of his online seem a little different from the one in the book.  Our cookery books are still in boxes in the storage so I just made it in my way.

にんにく 大2かけ
玉ねぎ 中 1/2
ベビーリーク 2本
セロリ (細い部分)2本
人参 (細長いもの)2本
ブラックビーンズ 1缶(他のビーンズがなかった)
缶トマト 1缶
茅乃舎の野菜だし 1袋(中身を出して入れてしまいます)
ベイリーフ 1枚
ローズマリー(みじん切り) 少量
水 適量
パスタ(今日はフェットチーニをバラらにして使いました) 適量
パルメジャーノ・レジアーノ 適量




2 large garlic cloves (roughly minced)
1/2  large onion (not the largest but larger than usual English ones)
2 sticks of baby leeks (finely sliced)
2 relatively thin carrots (chopped finely)
1 tin Black Beans (we didn’t have more appropriate beans)
1 tin Tomatoes
Japanese vegetable soup stock powder
1 bay leaf
A little minced rosemary
Pasta (broken up Fettuccini today)
Parmesiano Regiano

I sautéed garlic and onion, added leek and sautéed, added celery and sautéed, added carrot and sautéed.  When I make something like this, I season every time I add a new vegetable.  I use a heavy cast iron pan (from Staub), sautéd for a little then put the lid on and let it cook that way, then add more vegetable etc.  When all the vegetables were well sautéed and started to smell very sweet, I added tomatoes from a tin and sautéed for a good few minutes.  Then added the rest of the tin, black beans, vegetable stock powder, bay leaf, rosemary, some water, put the lid on when it bubbles and simmered for 30 minutes or so.  Then I added pasta, let it come to boiling again, put the lid on, turned the heat off until we were almost ready to eat.  10 minutes before we wanted to eat, I warmed it up, added grated Parmesano Regiano, adjusted salt & pepper.  Then I poured it in a bowl, some more Parmesano Regiano, some pepper and a little extra virgin olive oil.

We didn’t use bacon or pancetta today, just vegetables, beans and pasta but it was delicious and sweet from the vegetables.





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