We had a frosty morning on the day before yesterday but it got warmer again.  The highest is around 15C and the lowest around 10C, which is similar to the temperature in Tokyo.  Many of my friends think it’s cold in England but the temperature in winter is very much like that in Japan, it’s just that it gets colder earlier and warmer later (so we have a much longer winter) and it’s very humid.  Although it’s damp, with the central heating on, the humidity inside the house is about 60%, which is good.  Unlike in Japan, the temperature inside the house is more or less the same everywhere thanks to the central heating (although the utility area is cold because it’s next to the garage, it’ll get better when the garage is converted to a craft room and gets its own heating system).


Today’s lunch was Ploughman’s.  It’s not very different every time but the kinds of salamis and cheeses are sometimes different.


Today’s was sausage rolls, pear, tomatoes, 3 kinds of salamis and chorizo, small peppers stuffed with cheese, cucumber, Branston Pickles, 3 cheeses (Brighton Blue, Camembert, English goat cheese), celery, figs and Chicken Liver Pate for my husband.

洋梨はこれまで3、4種類トライしましたがどれもイマイチで、これまでのところ今回買ってみたM&Sの赤い皮の「Red Pears 」というのが一番美味しい。(ラ・フランスが食べたい。。。!)無花果もM&Sの黒っぽくて大きめのものをずっと買っているのですが、前回突然小さくなり、今回は白くなりました。今回のは中がすごく赤くてあまりジューシーではないのですがねっとりとしていて甘さが強めで美味しかったです。今日本では柿も美味しいですよね。こちらでは(ロンドンならあると思います)、少なくともオンラインではまだ見かけません。日本では今の時期にも色々美味しいフルーツがありますが、イギリスはりんごと洋梨くらいですかね。

We tried 3 or 4 different types of pears but none of them were very nice until these.  These are “Red Pears” from M&S, which are sweet and juicy.  I miss “La France”, from Japan, though, as they are so fragrant as well as sweet and juicy.  We’ve been buying M&S figs, too – the large dark skin ones.  However they were suddenly very small (I think they were different kinds) last week, then this time we got some that were white (with some green).  These ones are quite nice, not juicy but sweet.  Persimmons are also in season now in Japan.  I haven’t seen them here, at least not on online supermarkets, although I’m sure they have them in London.  There are quite a few great fruits in Japan even now, when the weather has gone cold, but here I haven’t found anything in particular, just ordinary apples and pears…




These are the figs – very small with white and green skin.




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