Homemade Gyoza


Today’s dinner was Homemade Gyoza – the first time to make this since we moved to England.  As we cannot find Chinese chives (garlic chives), and if you order online from an oriental grocery shop, it cost so much in shipping for just small amount of garlic chives, I have been putting it off, but I did finally make an order.  You can make gyoza without chives of course but I don’t feel they taste right.


豚ミンチ 600g
韮 3束(今日は1束)
玉ねぎ 半分
水 100ccくらい



This time I followed my sister’s recipe.  As with so many Japanese she never measures anything so this is just rough amounts of ingredients but I’m going to write them here so I can refer to them myself if I need them later.  I had ordered only 1 bunch of garlic chives before getting the recipe so this time it was just 1 bunch.

Mince pork – 600g
Garlic chives – 3 bunch (1 bunch today)
Chinese cabbage – 1/4 (we used ordinarycabbage) – salt it, scrunch it, get rid of water by squeezing

Onion – half of a large one
Shiitake – 2 large if we have (we didn’t)
Water – 100cc

garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, soy sauce, lard (I used bran oil), Chinese soup stock powder (we didn’t have any), sesame oil & Japanese arrow root starch (I used corn starch).  I added a little oyster sauce.

Mix water in the mince pork and keep mixing until mince pork is sticky.  Add vegetables after getting rid of as much water as you can.  Add everything else, mix together lightly and keep it in the fridge until you start making gyoza.




I think I should have added more seasonings but they were very tasty and we were able to cook them nice and crispy using our Japanese electric cooking equipment.  The only trouble was that one pack of the gyoza wrappers we bought was from the US and the wrappers had dried up and cracking edges, so they probably didn’t close properly and might’ve released the meat juice.  The Japanese ones were in good condition so we should buy Japanese ones only next time.

The US pack didn’t say how many wrappers but my guess is about 80, so I think we made about 100.  We had 30 together so there are plenty in the freezer now.  There was a lot of the filling left so we froze it as well, we’ll use it for a Japanese hot pot sometime soon.










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