Quick Pasta


We had quite a big and late lunch and weren’t so hungry for dinner, so made just a very easy pasta.  We had to use the left-over sauce from the Goulash we cooked the other day so mixed this with some left-over tinned tomato to make the sauce.  I sauteed garlic, onion and red pepper until soft, added the left-over tinned tomato, cooked on high heat for a few minutes, then added the left-over Goulash sauce and simmered it until the pasta was cooked.  Just before serving I added a little chilli oil.


It tasted similar to ragu although a little sweeter.  We enjoyed it.


However, as there was quite a lot of Goulash sauce left and I added half a tin of tomato, so the sauce ended up being a lot more than what we needed for the pasta dish – this happens often in our household.  I guess we’ll add water, some Japanese curry roux and have it with rice for lunch – something we seem to do often with left-over anything.



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