From Monday until Friday, the renovation work was on so my husband had to get up early in the morning (they workers come before 8.00am).  He wasn’t able to be in his loft because the noise was too much, so he is happy that there is no work on the weekend and he can have his time in his loft.

今日の夕食は、リブアイステーキ。先日、Petworth のお肉屋さんで購入しました。お醤油、みりん、蜂蜜にマリネして低温調理器で調理して、最後にさっと焼き色をつけています。いつもよりお肉が薄かった気がしますが、そのせいかどうなのか、2人とも完食してしまいました。日本のお肉と違って脂身は固まっていて混ざっていないのでさっぱりしています。ソースはマリネに使ったものと赤ワインとクリームとピンクペッパー。付け合わせはいつものように夫が大好きなポテトのドルフィノアといんげんのニンニク蒸し炒め。写真を撮った時は忘れていたのですが、この後揚げたニンニクのスライスをのせました。とっても美味しかったです。

Today’s dinner was Ribeye steak.  We bought the steaks in the butchers in Petworth the other day and I marinaded them in Mirin, honey & soy sauce.  My husband cooked them in Anova (low temperature cooking gadget) and seared both sides in a frying pan afterwords.  The steaks seemed a little thinner than usual, maybe that’s why we ended up eating all.  The beef here don’t have marbled fat like in Japan so they are lighter.  The sauce is the marinade, red wine, cream and pink pepper.  The side dishes were my husband’s favourite potato dish- Potato Dauphinoise and green beans with garlic steam/stir-fried.  We’d forgotten about sliced deep fried garlic when I took the photos but we added them after this.  It was delicious.









4 cheeses, truffle honey, fig, grape, dried fig log, pecan nut.


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