Quick Cheat Chinese Dinner


We weren’t in the mood to cook, again – the trouble is that we sit in the living room at 5.00pm to watch BBC News, then we watch a drama or something (at the moment, we are watching “Downton Abbey” again, for the 4th time).  We kind of get into a relaxing mode and don’t feel like getting up when it’s time to cook!  So, I just used a kit of Mapo Harusame (spicy glass noodle dish) that my sister sent to me with other things sometime ago and used up the Gyoza (pot sticker) we had left in the freezer.  We thought Mapo Harusame wasn’t spicy enough the last time when we used it so this time I added some spicy chilli paste and it was just about the right spiciness.  I could have cooked Gyoza a little longer to make them look more brown but they were still quite good, we must make them again soon.



I forgot we had no frozen rice, so no rice today – so the dinner was quite light but we had more fruits after the dinner than usual.














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