English Breakfast


(The date has changed but) last year on this day, our boxes from Singapore arrived at our new home.  It was a nice sunny day today, but a year ago, it was cold, wet and blowing miserable day.  I remember like yesterday standing at the door of the garage checking the list of boxes every time a box came in, freezing cold.  Our neighbour felt sorry for me and asked me a few times if I would like a cup of tea, very kind and very English.  We were still staying at the cottage in the New Forest so we got up very early in the morning and drove up and down every day for a few days nearly 2 hours each way in the dark and wet weather and worked on unpacking all day without much rest.  The walls of this house were all white (or nearly white) everywhere.  When I see the photos of those days, it sort of surprises me even though I well know we had them painted since.



Today’s evening meal was English breakfast – bacon, mushrooms, tomato, sunny side up.  Sadly no sausages.





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