Mince Pies

結婚した年に当時親しくさせていただいていた直属の上司だった部長さんの奥様に教えていただいて以来、毎年必ず作ってきたミンスパイですが、去年は引っ越したばかりでキッチンもすっきり片付いていず、ペイストリー関係のお道具もどこにあるか、という状態だったので作らずでした。今年は、復活。Delia Smith のレシピですが、教えていただいた通り、ラードは入れず脂は全部バターで作っています。ペイストリーはわたしが作りましたが、ミンスミートを詰めるのは夫がお手伝いしてくれました。



Before the first Christmas we had after we married, the wife of my boss that we were very close to then showed me how to make mince pies and since then I’ve always made them for Christmas until last year.  We’d just moved in our house last year and we hand’t unpacked everything (because the renovation was going to start sometime soon) so didn’t have the tools I needed for making the pastry, so I didn’t make any.  This year, we made them together.  I made the pastry but my husband helped me filling the mincemeat in the cases etc.

We buy mincemeat in a jar, this year we used one from M&S.

I know some people insist that you have to make the pastry with your hands, but I don’t agree.  I follow my previous boss’s wife’s method, mixing everything in a food processor (but once it’s mixed I take it out and mix water little by little).  Like scones, the less you handle with hands the better.  This way it always comes out light and crumbly.











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