いつ頃からでしょうか、毎年クリスマスにはパネトーネも買うようになりました。ちょっと特別なパネトーネはそこそこ高価でびっくりします。パネトーネはパネトーネ種という特別なものが必要で発酵に時間がかかり作るのがとても難しいそうなので、それで高価なのだと思います。去年と今年はアランデルのデリ、Pallants of Arundel で扱っていた Chiostoro Di Saronno Specialta のものを購入しました。伝統的な方法で焼かれて、手作業でパッケージされたパネトーネだそうです。去年はマロンを買ってみたらとても美味しかったので同じものを買うつもりでしたが置いていず、今年はピスタチオ。

I don’t remember when we started buying Panettone but we have been buying one every year for quite many years.  It always surprises me how expensive they are.  They need special material, take a long time to ferment and need some skills to bake, I guess that’s why they are expensive.  Last year and this year we bought one at “Pallants of Arundel” from “Chiostro Di Saronno Specialta“.  They are baked in the traditional method and packaged by hand.  Last year, I think, we bought the chestnut one, which was delicious, so we wanted to buy the same one but they didn’t have it, so this year we bought the Pistachio flavour.


When I was searching about this maker, I found out that we could have bought them online and have them sent from Italy, free shipping if we spend certain amount although I don’t know if it’ll be free next year now that we aren’t in the EU.


In general, panettone has lots of dried fruits inside.  I’m not a big fan of dried fruits in general and I find panettone a little dry.  I buy one because they seem very Christmassy and I love the packages, but I was never a big fan of them.  However, this one doesn’t have dried fruits, it has some sort of jammy cream, I think chestnut cream last year and pistachio cream this year.   It’s also slightly less dry.  They are usually more dome shaped but these are flat on top.


I put it in the middle of the Christmas sweets display in the kitchen.  As you can see we also bought Pandoro, stollen etc and we won’t be able to have our friends or families for tea at the moment because of the lockdown, so it’ll take a while for us to go through it all!











I like panettone slices toasted a little.  When we bought dried fruit ones, we would toast a slice and spread some butter on, it makes it less dry and more delicious.




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