Pumpkin Risotto With Grilled Radicchio

今日のディナーは、少し前にご紹介したイタリアのお友達が出版されたお料理本 Festa Italiana から「Squash Risotto with Grilled Radicchio」(スクウォッシュのリゾット、グリルしたラディッキオのせ)(わたしたちはスクウォッシュの代わりに少し前に買ったイタリアの Delica Pumpkin を使いました)を作りました。

We made “Squash Risotto with Grilled Radicchio” from the book “Festa Italiana” that I’ve blogged before.  We used an Italian pumpkin called “Delica” pumpkin.





Although the recipe isn’t exactly the same, Letizia has a very similar recipe in her website if you are interested in the recipe.  She tops the risotto with mozzarella instead of grilled radicchio.


Unlike the usual method of cooking risotto, her recipe doesn’t require you to stir it all the time and she isn’t using cheese mixed into the risotto, so this risotto is creamy but not as much as a traditional one and is lighter.  It was very good except that we didn’t very much like the grilled radicchio – that’s only because my husband and I don’t like bitter vegetables.  We thought adding some pine nuts may add some more interest when we don’t use radicchio.  Letizia says you need something bitter because the squash is very sweet, but the pumpkin we used wasn’t that sweet and it would have been good without any additional bitterness.  Japanese pumpkins are very sweet so maybe pancetta (guanciale isn’t so commonly available) would be a good addition.







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