Beef Stew & Tawny Owl


We heard 2 owls calling while we were having dinner.  This is the 3rd time I’ve hears them.  I guess we would hear them more often if we had the door to the back garden open at night but we don’t when it’s cold so we don’t often hear them.  I opened the door and listened to it and it seemed like there was one around the roof next door.  Of course it’s totally dark and we cannot see anything, I wish we could.

ふくろうといえばこの声、思う声で鳴いていましたが、ふくろうも種類によって泣き声が違うらしく、今日鳴いていたのは「Tawny Owl」という種類らしいです。写真は、RSPBのサイトからお借りしています。他の種類のものは全然違う鳴き声なので、他のには気づいていないだけかもしれません。

The calls sounded just as you would imagine an owl’s would be, but when I had a little search they don’t all make the same sound, the one we heard seems like “Tawny Owls” according to RSPB – this photo is from RSPB, too.  Other kinds seem to make very different noises so we wouldn’t have known they are owls’.





Today’s dinner was Beef Stew by Rika Yukimasa, she is very poplar in Japan and many of my friends are big fans of hers.  As this sort of thing tastes better on the following day, we cooked it yesterday.  The recipe calls for 1kg of beef shoulder but we used about 600g of beef shin as that’s what we had at home.  I used about 1/3 of the seasonings (salt, sugar, honey) after I put beef in, tasted when it was cooked and added a little more.  I always add a little less seasonings than the recipe so it won’t be too much.  The recipe tells you to cook on the stove but we cooked it in the oven (160C) for about 3 hours and it was very tasty.  We had it with tender stem broccoli, steam/stir-fried with garlic, and boiled carrots.







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