French Onion Gratin Soup & Chicken Waldorf Salad


Today’s dinner was French Onion Gratin Soup and Chicken Waldorf Salad.


I used to make French Onion Gratin Soup often in Japan but I hadn’t made it for a long time until recently, I think it’s because we lived in hot countries for 20 years – 10 years in Hong Kong and 11 years in Singapore.  It is winter food.  I feel it’s great that you can make a meal out of just onions and stale bread.


I know you are supposed to sauté onions until they are dark brown but we ran out of time so stopped after about 30 minutes, I just put the slices of onions in a Staub pot with butter and oil, put the lid on and cooked on a medium heat, stirring it now and again.  Although the colour was still light it was very sweet by then.  Then I added white wine, water, a soup stock cube, and cooked for 10 more minutes before pouring it into the dishes and topping with slices of stale bread that had been rubbed with garlic, then adding grated Gruyere cheese and putting the dishes under the grill.


We don’t have a pair of appropriate dishes, so we used 2 different dishes.  I thought the blue dish would be too small but it was just right for a starter for me.  For my husband we used a 14 cm Staub pan.   I wish we had nice individual gratin dishes.  We would have grilled them longer until the cheese was all brown but the bread started to burn so we stopped here.  It was very tasty.







We also made a Chicken Waldorf Salad as we had enjoyed it the last time we made it.  We used the last chicken breast I found in the freezer – just boiled it gently.  The salad has chicken, celery, apple, raisins, Romaine lettuce, rocket & walnuts.  The dressing has lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, maple syrup and Japanese mayonnaise.



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