Tonkatsu (Breaded & Deep-fried Pork)



It snowed more overnight and more ground was covered with snow.   By the time I woke up it had mostly melted but my husband took a photo.  You can see some animal’s foot prints.  Some look like cat’s but some I cannot recognise.

It was forecasted to snow more today but in the end it didn’t and I cannot see any snow mark for the next one week’s weather forecast.  However, the temperature will still be very low in the next few days, it’s expected to go down to -5C tomorrow and won’t go higher than 1C!!





Today’s dinner was Tonkatsu – as always we used pork fillet.  My husband tells me he didn’t want anything else other than just tonkatsu, cabbage and rice, but I found it a bit boring when we had just that last time, so we made miso soup and Japanese bean sprout salad with sesame dressing.  We put onion, Jerusalem Artichokes and cabbage in the miso soup.



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