Trying A New Pie


Although I still don’t have any symptoms of corona vaccine side effects, where the injection went in and around it is a little painful when I try to sleep on that side, which I noticed last night. No pain unless I press the area, though.




It was a delivery day of the online supermarket we use and we’d ordered a small pie, so we decided to have the soup we cooked yesterday with the pie and a salad.

For the soup, we used onion, baby leek, garlic, carrot, fennel, cabbage, potato and some passata.  We had fennel in the fridge so we used it in the soup for the first time.  Fennel looses its characteristic flavour when cooked so I cannot say we tasted it.  I almost always use a small amount of miso, just to add depth rather than giving any real miso flavour.  As we had let it rest for a day after cooking it was delicious.







I’d ordered the pie – Higgidy Paneer & Spiced Chickpea – from the supermarket.  Someone was raving about it online and the reviews on the supermarket website had lots of good comments, so I thought we’d give it a try.  I wish they had used more spice, as there did not seem to be enough for us, but at least the pie crust was nice and crispy, so not too bad, I wouldn’t mind having it again occasionally.





We had it with a simple salad of tomato, onon, apple, lettuce & rocket.



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