Hamburg Steaks In Pepper & Tomato Sauce


It was another very nice sunny day today but is expected to change tomorrow and rain for the next few days.

今日のディナーは、煮込みハンバーグ。お肉はビーフだけの時もありますが、今日はポークと混ぜました。ビーフ300g、ポーク 250g。シンプルに、玉ねぎのみじん切り、ニンニク、パン粉、卵、ナツメグ、塩胡椒。わたしはデミグラスソースの方が好みですが、夫はトマトソース形で煮込んだ方を好むので、玉ねぎ、ニンニク、赤パプリカを炒めてから缶トマトを加えたソースで煮込みました。添え野菜は、ステムブロッコリーの蒸し炒め。

Today’s dinner was Japanese style Hamburg Steaks cooked in Pepper & Tomato Sauce.  I sometimes use just beef but I prefer a mixutre of beef and pork and today I mixed 300g of beef and 250g of pork.  The Hamburg steaks are very simply made – minced beef, minced pork, minced onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg, nutmeg, salt & pepper.  I personally prefer them in Demi-Glace sauce but my husband prefers them in tomato sauce.  I sauteed sliced onion and red pepper with garlic first, then added a tin of tomatoes, crushing the tomatoes and put the seared Hamburg steaks back in the sauce and cooked until cooked through.  We had it with tender stem broccoli steam/stir-fried.







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