Homemade Pizza


Today’s dinner was homemade pizza, I made the dough last night and let it rise in the fridge overnight.  As always, they are made with very simple toppings as that’s how we like them.  Tomato sauce (just reduced tin tomato content), fresh tomato, onion, salami, mozzarella cheese, shredded cheese, basil.  Half of the 2nd pizza was with the same toppings as the first one and the other was pear, goat cheese & honey.


Incidentally, I’ve been buying large pears from Italy for the last few months.  They become very sweet and juicy when we let them ripen at home.  However, the batches we had in the last few weeks didn’t become soft or sweet, I guess the season is over.  I won’t order them again until the next season.


The tulips we had last week had gone so I ordered a large bunch from M&S.




Some parts of the finished pizza burned a little but if we don’t cook it until some parts are burned we don’t find it very nice, so we choose to let a few bits burn.







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