Yellow Calla Lilies


The temperature has gone up a notch recently and it’s more spring-like, at least in terms of temperature.  It’s 16C now and the lowest temperature has been arouind 7C rather than 1C.  However, it’s not very nice weather and very humid today and feels quite uncomfortable, the temperature inside the house is 26C and I wish we had a air-conditioning downstairs as well.  We must have one installed in my craft room soon!


The subscription flowers this time were yellow calla lilies.  When we last had them in August, they weren’t in good condition and they broke, one after another, in a very short time.  They arrived on Thursday but they are still looking good this time.  As I’ve written before, I love calla lilies but in darker colours, yellow isn’t my favourite.  Still, they look good against the dark wall in our living room.










ピオニー の季節になったので今週はピオニー だと良いなと期待していました。次回はピオニー だったら良いな、と思っていますが、別オーダーした方が良いかもですね。

It’s now peony season, so I was hoping it would be peonies this time.  Hoping it would be next time but maybe I should make a separate order…

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