Chicken & Mango Salad


As I’ve written before, we bought mangoes a few times but they were never very good, we waited until they were ripe but even then they were very hard and sour.  It’s not surprising they aren’t good, really, as they have to come from far away and so we stopped buying them.  However, I saw an online shop that sells Indian mangoes so we tried them.  6 is the smallest you can order and we bought 6 of Alphonso Mangoes and 6 of Kesar Mangoes.  Alphonso mangoes are very well known these days but there are apparently many other delicious Indian mangoe.  The Alphonso mangoes are not as sweet as those we used to buy in Singapore but they wren’t bad, and the Kesar mangoes were very sweet and delicious.


While we have these mangoes I thought we should have the chicken salad with mangoes.  Sadly we didn’t have any avocado, we don’t buy them often any more because they just aren’t very good, so we made it just with mango.


The salad had Romaine lettuce, rocket, mangoes, chicken (marinaded in garlic, lemon juice & olive oil, seared in a frying pan and then cooked through in the oven), red pepper, sliced almonds & mint.  I used tu use Raspberry vinegar often but I haven’t been able to find it in England, so we just used lemon juice, honey, olive oil, salt & pepper.





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