Boston Tea Party (Lunch At Chichester)


The area where the needle went in for the vaccine has a little pain and it made me say “Ouch” when I turned over in bed in the early hours of this morning.  I have a feeling this happened on about the 3rd day after my 1st vaccine, too.  It’s not that painful, I only feel it when I press around it or when I do something that I use the area for something or other.  I think it lasted about a week last time.

今日は髪を染めてもらって来たので、終わってからチチェスター の街のカフェ「Boston Tea Party」でランチをしてきました。

I had my hair coloured today and after I had it done, my husband and I had lunch at “Boston Tea Party” in Chichester.


We did have a meal inside a restaurant with our friends the other day for the first time since the start of lockdown in February last year, but we haven’t had any meal inside a restaurant just the two of us, even though we know we can.  Although it made us feel good when the restrictions lifted, we haven’t really started going out like we used to.  I guess we are still being caucious but I feel we got so used to not going out that we don’t even think about eating out specially because we aren’t the type who go out all the time.

「Boston Tea Party」はカフェのチェーン店で、比較的テーブルとテーブルの間が広くとってありますし、上の窓が全部開けられていて換気がされていました。チチェスター で良く行っていたお気に入りのカフェがあるのですが、そこはテーブル間が狭く換気があまり良くなかった記憶なので、こちらに行ってみました。広いボックス席だったので近くに人がいなかったのも良かったです。

“Boston Tea Party’ has plenty of space between tables and all the upper windows were open for circulating the air.  We sat at one of the large booth seats so felt quite far from everyone.   There is a cafe we used to go to often in Chichester but I have a feeling the distance between tables was quite small and the air circulation wasn’t so good there.


My husband had English Breakfast with scrambled eggs and I had a chicken burger.  It’s been a long long time since I had chips (these thin ones anyway).





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