Coming Back From The Cotswolds


One more post abou our trip to the Cotswolds.  On the day when we left for the trip, it was such a beautiful day and very warm.  On the 2nd day, it was cloudy but warm enough to sit outside, but started to rain in the eveing.  On the last day, the temperature was down to 13C highst and it was raining and windy; it felt very cold.


There was one more place I wanted to go to in the Cotswolds, which was Bicester Village Outlet.  It was on our way home so we thought we could have a little look and have a lunch but it was very busy, it took us a while to find a free space for parking.  When we got out it was really cold and miserable, it was also very busy with quite a lot of people.  So, we decided not to stay.  I wasn’t in the mood for shopping specially in such weather and it would have been hard to find a place for lunch because it was a very large site.  I would love to go back, though, when it’s better weather and when it’s not so busy.


So we had lunch at a pub not far from there.  I had Sausages & Onion Baguette Sandwich and my husband had Bacon & Brie Baguette Sandwich.  It was OK, standard for a pub in England,







It took us about 3 hours to get to the hotel on the way up, but it took us a little more than 4 hours coming home. (not counting the stop at Bicester Village and at the pub) because the weather was so bad and the rain was very heavy at a few places.  When it’s this far, I feel we should have stayed at least 3 nights, 2 nights was a bit too short.


Another thing we learned.  You need to take a jacket or/and a warm jumper when you go away even when it’s very warm when you leave for the trip.  The temperature dropped by 13C in one day and it was so cold.  Are we really in the middle of June?




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