Visiting Brighton & Bubble Tea


We went to Brighton for the first time since we moved to England.  It’s only about 45 minutes by car, I guess it’s the largest city near here.  When we were house hunting I was quite keen to find a house near Brighton, but as you would expect, we would have had to give up quite a lot of space for the same budget so we gave up the idea.  We were looking forward to going there for shopping and lunches once we started living here, but with the lockdown we hadn’t had a chance, so this was our first time.


We thought we would be able to move my computer into my new craft room very soon. My Mac is about 7 years old and has started misbehaving often so we are going to get a new one as part of the craft room project. My husband suggested we go to the Apple Shop in Brighton so we can choose which colour of the new 24″ iMac range I wanted.

アップルショップはショッピングモールの中にあったので、Zara Home にだけ寄ってきましたが、お洋服を売っているお店で試着をしたりするのはまだまだ抵抗があり、結構人も多そうだったのでショッピングはせず、見かけたバブルティーを買って帰ってきました。今日は夫が急に行こうと言って行くことになったこともありますが、まだ、人が多いところを歩く気持ちになれないのですよね。もう少しコロナが落ち着いたら、素敵なカフェやお店にも行ってみたいと思っています。

The Apple Shop was in a shopping mall but apart from Apple we only went in Zara Home.  I just don’t feel like going in a changing room and looking at clothes in a busy shop yet.  We hadn’t planned to go there today, my husband just suggested it this morning, so I guess I hadn’t put myself in the mood of shopping, but in general we still feel uncomfortable with going somewhere busy.  When the coronavirus looks less active, we would love to visit there again for shopping and eating.  We just bought Bubble Tea in a little shop in the corridor of the mall.








The bubble tea wasn’t great to be honest not like the bubble tea I had in Singapore and Taiwan.  The tapiocas weren’t cooked all the way through and were pretty tasteless, whereas those in Singapore and Taiwan were cooked in Mascavado sugar or something similar and had very lovely chewy texture.



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