Lyndhurst – Dinner 4

Lyndhurst での4日目の夕食は軽めに、スーパーで買って行ったキッシュとコールスロー(こちらの市販のコールスローはヘビーなので、レモン汁を混ぜました)とトマトときゅうり。外食が多い1週間だったので、コテージで食べる日を時々挟んで軽いものをいただきました。

The supper on our 4th day in Lyndhurst was very light – quiche & coleslaw from a supermarket with some tomatoes and cucumber.  I add lemon juice to store-bought coleslaw as I find them here very heavy.  We ate out a lot when we were in Lyndhurst so had light meals when we ate in the cottage.



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