Lunch With Friends At Brasserie Blanc


香港時代のお友達ご夫婦とキャッチアップをしました。それほど遠くないところにお住まいなので、時々ご一緒しています。今日は、チチェスターの「Brasserie Blanc」でランチをしました。

We got together with our friends from Hong Kong days, they live not too far from us so we have been able to see them now and again to catch up.  We had lunch at “Brasserie Blanc” in Chichester for lunch.


My husband had Beef Bourginion, I had a little to try and it was very good.





I liked their ” Morteau Sausage & Potato Salad ” from their starater menu the last time when we were there, so I asked them if they can make it to a main size, but they said they can only do twice as much so that’s what I had.  I wish they made the presentation a little nicer.  It doens’t look too bad on the photo but it looked quite bad in real life, they just stucked all on top of each other without trying to make it look nice.  Of course the amount was too much, I wish they could do one and a half portions.







We took time to have lunch, chatting about travels etc as they also love travelling and it had been 2 hours when we left the restaurant.  They love cruising and they were on a cruise many times a year for years until Covid.  It is a shame that the situation hasn’t improved enough for most of us to feel safe enough to go on a cruise.



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