Lunch In Arundel

アランデル城のガーデンズを歩いたあとは、久しぶりにアランデルの街でランチをしました。ロックダウンになるまで時々ランチをしていたカフェ「Motte & Bailey Cafe」。少しだけ待ちましたが、数分でテーブルが空いてラッキーでした。

After we left Arundel Castle, we had lunch in the town. It’s been quite a long time since we were there during the day.  We used to go to “Motte & Bailey Cafe” often but hadn’t been since the lockdown so it was nice to be able to go back.  We had to wait for a few minutes but luckily a table became available very quickly.








I had BLT Toastie, which was very good.  Others had Eggs Benedict.





The staff were wearing face masks here, too, which is good.


Motte & Bailey Cafe
49 High Steet
Arundel BN18 9AG

Tel: 01903 883813


ランチの後、街を少し歩いて、Pallants of Arundel でチーズを買って戻って来ました。金曜日は道路が混みがちで、特に4時ごろから混みます。連休なので余計渋滞がひどいと思うので、義弟夫婦は早めに家に戻りました。久しぶりにゆっくりと一緒に過ごせてとても楽しかったです。日本にも香港にもシンガポールにも遊びに来てくれたので、あれこれ思い出話も出ました。これから、度々会えると良いなと思っています。

We walked Arundel a little, bought some cheese in Pallants and came back.  It’s Friday and a long weekend, so we expect the roads will be quite busy so my brother-in-law and his wife left soon after we got home to try to avoid any traffic jams.  It was lovely to be able to spend a day with them.  They visited us over the years in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore and we talked about some old days, which was lovely.  I hope we can see them more often now.

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