Beef In Red Wine


Today’s dinner was Beef In Red Wine.  I tend to decide how to cook “beef in red wine” depending on the day’s mood, sometimes I don’t look at any recipe and just wing it, sometimes I decide to follow a particular recipe, but often I follow a recipe but make some small changes.  Today, I followed a recipe from a Japanese lady – the recipe is here – because I remembered it was easy and tasty.  As I didn’t want it to be Goulash I omitted paprika. The beef was very tender and tasty.  We like the sauce to be thick enough to coat the beef so I added a mixture of corn starch and water at the end and let it cook a little before serving and it worked very well.  The side dishes are simply boiled new potatoes, carrots & green beans.  The beef has quite strong flavour and is on the heavy side so we prefer to keep the side dishes very simple and light.





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