Tuscan Bread Soup (Ribollita)


It’s cold!  It was a miserable rainy day today so I guess that’s partly why but we used the fire place in the living room and I think we really need the heating on now.  It was quite warm, sometimes too warm, until just the other day but a drop of just a few degrees of temperature made it feel so cold.  Is my “comfortable temperature range” too narrow?


Today’s dinner was Tuscan Bread Soup (Ribollita), I’ve written a rough recipe before Sadly, the bread we added at the end made it so unpleasant.  We haven’t been able to find really good French baguettes here.  We have found just one acceptable one and try to buy them and freeze them  but we found a Waitrose one in the freezer that we bought sometime ago and tried using that – a big mistake!  We had to eat trying to avoid the bread.  As long as we avoided the bread, it was very good.






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