Japanese Style Hamburg Steak (from Loco Moco Recipe)


Today’s dinner was Japanese style Hamburg Steak but using the recipe I learned a little while ago on Zoom cooking lesson, which was for Loco Moco.  We didn’t have fried eggs, though, but added broccoli, sweet corn and oven chips, which we used with Jerk spice that we made sometime ago and they were very good.


When we cooked Loco Moco, we used mince beef only, but this time we used mince pork as well because it was getting a bit old in the freezer, but I preferred it with just beef.  I’ve always used a mixture of beef with less pork but I find pork in England is often too gamey for me.  We made some small, some large and my husband had 2 large ones and I had 2 small ones.



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