New Year’s Eve


I know that the date has already changed in Japan and Singapore but here it’s still New Year’s Eve.  We are spending it just the two of us.  Our dinner was Beef in Red Wine, which we tend to cook when we want something a little special.  This time we cooked it using this recipe (I write the recipe in English here).  We added some carrots and thickened the sauce with cornstarch and water at the end and it was delicious.  Side dishes were boiled potatoes and sugar snap peas.  Although I know that it looks more stylish if I put just beef and one side dish, I find eating a lot of beef is too heavy for me so I always add something light like sugar snap peas and/or carrots, or some sort of green vegetable.  There was about 600g of beef so we have a little left over, which we are planning to use for lunch tomorrow.






When we had Christmas Dinner at home the other day, we’d completely forgotten about Christmas Pudding , and it was too late by the time we remembered because you need to steam it for an hour and a half – so we had it today.  I know you can also use Microwave but then you cannot enjoy the left-over as it becomes too hard.  This Christmas Pudding was the lightest I’ve had so I was able to have a reasonably sized portion today!  We also had a mince pie each.





It has been so warm in the UK recently, we get all hot when we cook a meal in the kitchen.  It’s around 12C or 13C all day long and also humid.   They were saying how unusually warm it is for this time of year.  I wish it got a bit colder and drier.



Happy New Year to everyone!


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