Happy New Year & Beef Donburi


Happy New Year!  I do hope that we’ll be able to go back to somewhat “normal” life sometime soon this year.





As we are just two of us, we didn’t do anything special last night.  After dinner, I was in my craft room, my husband in his loft until around 11.00pm, then we watched one episode of “Downton Abbey”, then one more episode.  In the middle of the second episode the date changed so we had a glass of Champagne to celebrate, went back to the drama and said good-night when it finished.

Our house was the only house that still had lights on at midnight, all the other houses in our Grove were pitch black.  Although there must be many people who would celebrate the New Year with friends/families I have a feeling that a lot of British people don’t like New Year’s Eve very much and they feel a little gloomy after the climax of Christmas.  This is totally opposite to Japanese, I think.  I would say that most Japanese look forward to the New Year and get excited to see the New Year in because we take it as having a whole new year in front of us, it’s a blank canvas in which you can paint anything.  Having said that,  I myself am neither – not sad or depressed but not particularly excited. I used to enjoy the atmosphere of New Year days in Japan because I think there is something very special but new year days don’t seem to be so different from other days outside Japan where we’ve lived.   I don’t do a very thorough cleaning of the whole house or prepare special New Year foods and eat them like most Japanese do and you only get the 1st January off work (not that that matters to us any longer).  I usually prepare Ozoni and grilled mochi but this year I’d totally forgotten to get some, so no mochi.



We made Beef Donburi today using the left-over of last night’s dinner, Goulash.  We sauteed onions, added the goulash with a little hot water, soy sauce and sugar, then added eggs and cooked until the white parts of the eggs were completely cooked but the yolks are still very runny, then put it on rice in a bowl.  Not as sweet as Sukiyaki but sweeter than goulash.   We’ve never used left-over beef stew like this before but it worked brilliantly, it was delicious.



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