Family Gathering / Lunch At Black Horse In Amberley

今日は、夫の弟夫婦と一緒に我が家の近くの Amberley という村にある「Black Horse」というパブでランチをしました。わたしと夫は一度夕食に行ったことがあり、今回2回目、義弟夫婦は初めて。

We had lunch “Black Horse” in Amberley with my husband’s younger brother and his wife today.  We had been there once before for dinner but my husband’s brother and his wife hadn’t.








My sister-in-law had Chicken with Mushroom Sauce.



My husband and his brother had “Today’s Pie”, which was beef & Ale Pie, which they seem to have enjoyed very much.




As I couldn’t find anything that I wanted from the main dish menu, I had Sweetcorn Arancini from the Nibbles Menu and Vegetable Pakora from the Starter Menu.  I had thisArancini when we were there for dinner before and Iliked it but it was different today.  The rice was completely mashed and sticky, which I didn’t enjoy very much.



The Vegetable Pacora were close to “burned”.  It was different from what I think of as Pakora, inside were various vegetable mushed  together.




My brother-in-law and his wife shared Rice Pudding, which they enjoyed very much.




My husband and I shared Apple & Apricot Crumble – but my husband had most of it.




My brother-in-law had a half pint of beer, his wife had a glass of white wine, my husband had a pint of beer, I had half a pint of beer.  We shared a bottle of water and the bill was 60 pounds per couple including tip.


Although I didn’t enjoy my lunch, Beef & Ale Pie was apparently excellent and the staff is very friendly and very nice.


この後、このパブがある Amberley の村をぐるっとお散歩しましたが、とても素敵な村でした。写真が多くなるので、そちらは別記事でアップしたいと思います。

After lunch, we walked in the village and found it very charming with lots of old houses.  I took quite a lot of photos so I’ll blog them in another post.



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