Tea & Cake With Friends


Our friend couple came over for tea and cake today.  I met this friend in Hong Kong first so it’s been almost 20 years since we met, I guess.  They live relatively near  us (about 20 minutes by car), we got together now and again outside during the lockdown time but they have not been to our home for a long time.  We realised that they hadn’t been here for more than a year, so when they came last time half of the renovations hadn’t been done.  The kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the master bedroom and its bathroom were basically done but lots of furniture hadn’t arrived, so we took them around the house first.


We were planning to get together a few times recently but we had to put it off for various reasons, so it’s been a few months since we met, so there was a lot to catch up.

先日書いた、Shoreham-By-Sea  の「 La Patisserie 」で買ったケーキ4種類。奥の右がチョコレートケーキ(夫)、その左がピーカンタルト(わたし)、その前がアプリコットタルト(お友達)、その右がラズベリータルト(お友達のご主人)。しっかり甘目でしたが、とても美味しかったです。かなり大きくて食べ応えがありました。日本のものより一回りは大きいです。

Like I wrote the other day, we bought some cakes from “La Patisserie” at Shoreham-By-Sea.  The one on the right further away is a chocolate cake (my husband had it), left of that is Peacan Tart (I had it), the one in front of that is Apricot Tart (my friend), and the one on the right of that is Raspberry Tart (her husband).  My peacan tart was quite sweet but very nice and everyone said what they had was very good.  I would say they are one size or two larger than what you get in Japan.


La Pâtisserie
4-6 East St
BN43 5ZE

Phone: 01273 452899
Email: shoreham@lapatisserie.ltd





It was lovely to see them and great to be able to finally catch up with each other.


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