Minestrone & Japanese/Italian Congee


We had some Minestrone soup left in the fridge from the other day and wanted to finish it, so we decided to have it for today’s evening meal.  My husband added tiny pasta and had it as Minestrone (with pasta) with bread, but I wanted to have it with rice so I added some water, miso and cooked rice, cooked it until the rice was very plump and slightly sticky, added an egg and had it like Japanese style miso congee.  Miso congee is more like risotto than Chinese congee, quite thick, but not al dente.


The tulips are what my husband bought in a supermarket about a week ago and they are at the end of their lives, but I thought they would go with the jug my brother-in-law and his wife gave us as a Christmas present last year, and I think they look lovely.  We drink bottled water with gas from bottles so don’t have much opportunities to use it as a water jug so we’ll probably be using it as a vase like this.  Very pretty!


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