Homemade Gyoza


Today’s dinner was Japanese Gyoza.  My husband has been wanting to have them for a long time but we’ve been putting it off because it’s not easy to get garlic chives around here.  I know you can make them without garlic chives but personally I feel you cannot omit them.  I don’t mind not using garlic but I feel you need garlic chives.


The recipe we’ve been using recently is my sister’s recipe.  Last time I didn’t use enough seasoning, but this time  I did and they were very tasty.  The only problem is that the gyoza skin was very dry around the edges, they broke when we pleated them or even when they didn’t break they didn’t stick together properly.  Still they tasted very nice, so all was well in the end.  My husband is getting better at making them, too.


I think we made about 75 of them, we ate 30 together today with rice and froze the rest.  If we eat them with another dish or two I think we can stretch them to 2 meals.







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