Snowdrops In Welford Park


We had a day trip to see snowdrops today.  I was checking the weather forecast for the last 10 days or so and, until the day before yesterday, Friday looked the best so we were planning to go on Friday, but on the day before yesterday the forecast changed and it looked better today so we decided to go today – but it changed again yesterday and it was very cloudy today.  We’d bought the tickets online already so we couldn’t really change our plan at that stage.   Just when we were leaving the snowdrop place the sun came out and apparently it’ll be good weather tomorrow.  Oh, well!

スノードロップを見に行ったのは、我が家から車で1時間半ほどのところにある「Welford Park」という個人のお家のお庭(と言っても広大です)です。2年前に行った時にも書いたのですが、

『Welford Park は古くは修道院が所有していたそうですが、その後英国王ヘンリー8世が狩猟法ロッジとして利用し、1618年にロンドン市長フランシス・ジョーンズが購入して以来今日まで同系一族が受け継いでおられるそうです。現在の邸宅は1652年に建てられたザコビアン様式の建物で、現在も私邸として使用されているそうですが、1年に1度このスノードロップの時期だけ一般に公開されています。』

The place we went to is “Welford Park”, which is about an hour and a half’s drive from us.  We went there 2 years ago and I wrote on my blog that,

“Welford Park belonged to an abbey at first but the King Henry the 8th used it as a lodge for hunting. In 1618, the Mayor of London, Francis Jones, purchased it and since then it’s been belonging to the same families until now. The current house was built in 1652 and is still used by the family as a house but they open it to the public just once a year when the snowdrops bloom. ”


This year it’s open from the 2nd February until the 6th March.


As the grounds are so huge, it’ll take a long time if you walk everywhere but we walked only where snowdrops were so it took us only about an hour’s slow walk.  It was quite cold but once we started walking it wasn’t so bad.  The parking lot was very full so I guess it was very busy but it didn’t feel busy the grounds being so large.  If you go to such a place in Japan you would be walking surrounded by many people, it’s lovely that we can go to this sort of a place and enjoy it with space around us.  Sad that I forgot to take my camera.














There didn’t seem many crocuses yet, only a few buds.




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