Handmade Card / For Moving


I made and sent a card to my friend, who moved recently.  I wanted it to be a surprise so I waited to post it here until she received it and apparently it just arrived.  I cannot remember exactly when I posted it but I think it took at least 2 weeks (to New York).  I also received  messages from a few friends in Japan, who wrote to me that they’d just received my Christmas cards.  Again I don’t remember exactly I posted them and I know I was very late, but I think they took about a month.  I sent a birthday card a couple of weeks after I sent a Christmas card to a friend in Japan, but she received the birthday card a long time before the Christmas card – very strange.

で、このお引越し祝いのカードは、既にアップしているクリスマスカード(Jennifer McGuireさんのビデオを参照)の応用編です。可愛い色やスタイルがお好きなお友達なので明るくするためベースを白にしました。

Anyway, this card is almost the same as one of the Christmas cards I posted (Ref:Jennifer McGuire’s video), but I changed the base to white because this friend loves brighter colours and cute style.


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